IT Professional from India

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My name is Vishal I’m 28 years old and moved here from India. 

I moved to the Netherlands in March 2014. I am an expat and I was sent to Amsterdam from an Indian IT company to work for a bank. I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science.

Since I really like the culture, people and life style in the Netherlands I decided to extend my stay, which including buying a home with the help of a mortgage loan. 

Next year, in March 2019, I will be completing my 5 years in the Netherlands. I am significantly concerned about my financial livelihood due to the 30% ruling laws – which is suddenly in flux, despite a promise to me in the contrary. I have planned my stay and future plans based on the initial 8 years 30% ruling, and am now faced with an uncertain financial future – and as such, have no idea how to proceed.