Supply Chain Manager From Brazil


I came to The Netherlands in 1st August 2016 with my wife and two daughters, 4 and 8 years old now. Before moving here, (transferred by my company) I had the option to go to USA or UK. Looking for benefits, mainly with the 30% ruling we understood that NL would be the best option. Brought with me 15 years of Supply Chain knowledge, acquired after 15 years working at Walmart. We sold all we had in Brazil and move to this beautiful country that we now, truly love. The day after I arrived, I bought a house, yes, believe or not. It took two months to get the mortgage and 1st October we moved to our house in the BEAUTIFUL village of Prinsenbeek !!! From a population of 23 million in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to 15,000 in Prinsenbeek. We quickly noticed that the international schools and child care was too expensive.  So we decided that my wife would not work.

Everything was doing amazingly well, our kids already speak Dutch, we fully integrated to the small community of Prinsenbeek, no bills behind, etc.  Wow, what a relief ... no more bills behind, after 6 months with the 30% It was possible to get rid of all the bills that were left behind and stopped using savings from what we sold in Brazil. Suddenly we are surprised with the news that Dutch Government wants to reduce the 30% ruling. At first I could not believe it. How can they change this rule for who already have the benefit? Now, if we lose the 30% ruling, my savings won't last more than a year to cover my mortgage. If they change the rule retroactively, my benefit ends August 2021, when I might be trying to get transferred by "my" company, back to Brazil or USA.

It's really frustrating thinking that they can change this that way. Even in Brazil, third world country, citizens are protected by law against the sort of situation we are facing here. It's a law called "Acquired Right". If you have a benefit like this one, it cannot be changed retroactively. Only for the new people that will apply for the benefit that change will take place. I really hope that many companies and banks make them change their proposal and respect the deal offered that brought us all to this country.