Physicist from Spain

I arrived to work to the Netherlands from Spain as a highly educated professional. When I finished my PhD in Physics I chose to come to the Netherlands because back then seemed a financially good decision. Even though the gross income was going to be lower than in other countries for the same jobs and same experience, the 30% ruling gave me a little bit of extra room to maneuver for the coming 8 years, time in which I could grow at my company and compensate for the loss of net income after the 30% rule.I arrived here 3 years ago with plans, expectations and, much more importantly, an agreement with the Dutch Government that 30% of my gross salary would be deduced. 

That was an existing agreement and contract I didn't impose on anybody, but which was offered by the Dutch Government. Now, the Dutch Government has decided to unilaterally neglect and break that contract disregarding the implications this decision implies for a person who's made several financial decisions based on this ruling. 

Retroactively breaking an agreement is unprecedented and a severe hit on the trust foreigners and foreign employers have deposited on the Dutch contracts, agreements and legislation.

Not so long ago, PM. Mr. Mark Rutte said that "afspraak is afspraak". Now, the agreement between the Dutch government and foreign employees seems to be on the edge of a knife because of a unilateral decision from the Dutch government breaking prior agreements.

This implies that the personal financial planning of thousands of people will have to be re-evaluated. Some of them left their home countries because, thanks to the 30% ruling, the purchasing power would allow them to cover their personal needs in a foreign country and grow to a higher position in their jobs such that they could compensate the loss of the 30% ruling after 8 years.

This will not be the case, though, in light of the drastic change of plans forced because of retroactive change of law.

Mortgages and kids schools will have to be re-evaluated. A country in which housing costs 50% more (on average) than in my home country, income taxes are 50% instead of 30% and net salary would be on par to the income I would be receiving in my home country does not come out as an attractive country for an expat so  if this proposal because a reality, I will no longer have any financial reason to work and add value in this country, so I would leave; given that I find it difficult to find any financial reason to remain here.

Taking into account that the Netherlands needs a vast supply of highly educated professionals who are supporting the growth of the country -simply look at the amount of professionals ASML and other companies in Brabant are hiring from abroad - is now risking losing this workforce and a potential stagnation of the economy.

I do wholeheartedly hope that you reconsider this proposal which is now on the table.