Having lived in the Amsterdam, Netherlands amongst very friendly, open people and culture I am very disappointed to now be presented with what I can only describe as a hostile move by the Dutch government. The 30% ruling has helped a lot allowing me to continue to live work and contribute to the Dutch economy whilst also managing my affairs (plane tickets, visits, hotels) with family etc. in my home country, paying for services I as an expat in the Netherlands incur and preparing for my long term settlement.

I have meticulously planned my stay in the Netherlands and how I will save to continue to live and work in the Netherlands after the 'agreed' 30% term would end (which for me was July 2021).

How is this perceived by me and the community of other highly skilled and educated expats I know of: 

1. Loss of faith in any promise/deal the Dutch government makes going forward.

2.Total disbelief how the change and its affect is being received by the expat community has absolutely no effect, not even recognition by the Dutch government after the proposal this year. Especially after massive petition signed and corporate/educational support.

3.Lack of recognition of expats  = 'we don't care at all about highly skilled hard working expats or their contribution to the economy or even their families that have settled with them here - easy prey'. It really leaves an empty sour feeling.

4.Many many expats who had planned for another 3-2-1 year of the ruling have been given hardly any time at all to prepare for the premature ending immediately in Jan 2019, me being one of them. 

What will I do about it? 

Lack of trust and faith does have an effect on the human psyche. 

I am not going to readdress my plans until after September when I hope we as expats can be recognized for what we provide and the impact the disruption of the retroactive change will have on us when there is a vote whether to make this change law.

I hope that the more data that has now been gathered and response means there is a re-valuation of the proposal. 

I hate to say it but like in any relationship, trust is a foundation and when trust is gone so is the relationship - my relationship with this beautiful country has been sound so far. I and the community I know of still have faith the right action will be taken and the retroactive part of the 30% change to 5 years will be removed in order to keep that bond and trust alive.