Dentist From Spain


My name is Alodia, i am 30 I am a spanish girl who came here 7 years ago. I'm a denstist who works in  small village close to the sea, Hoek van Holland , and lives in Rotterdam.

When I came here I didn't know anything about the 30% ruling. I came because I wanted to have the experience of working in another country and I just heard beautiful and amazing things about this country.  When I arrived i heard about the 30% and of course , that made me quite happy, but that was absolutely not the reason why I came here.

After 1 year, I met the love of my life,  a blonde, blue eyed dutch guy, Erwin.  We are already 6 years together and we just bought a house in Rotterdam.

In the past 7 years i met a lot of kinds of people; dutch, spanish, italians, australians, and thats what i think makes this country so amazing. Such a mixed of cultures.  After 7 year , I can speak dutch perfectly, I love my job and i love this country.

As I said, we bought a new house that will be finished at the end of 2021. We need to start paying the mortage already in 3 months, which means for the next 2 years we will be paying rent and a mortgage.  Thats why since the end of April, I'm absolutely terrified about how it is going to be form Januari 2019 with a 20% lower salary.  I cannot forget what I felt the that day. I talked to my boyfriend, I was really sad, and  had the feeling that we were not anymore welcome in this country.  I know it is not exactly that, but it sure feels like that.