Affected by the Changes to the 30% Rule? You Can Object.

As of 1 January, the proposed #30Rule changes are now law. Recipients of the #30Rule began receiving notifications of this decision in late December from the Belastingdienst. Should the Belastingdienst Notification Letter (BNL) be considered subject to legal objection and appeal, it then gains irrevocable legal power within six weeks from the date therein stated. As such, all objection letters should be submitted within 6 weeks of receipt of the letter.

At UENL, we have always done our utmost to provide every community member with the best service and advice possible, given the constraints, the unknowns, and the complexity of the situation. In line with this, UENL has commissioned a template objection letter as a resource for the UENL community.

This Objection Letter is provided as a community resource with the SOLE goal to facilitate the ability of the affected individual to object to the legislation via a thorough, comprehensive, and robust letter. The use of this letter is an individual decision.  It is up to every community member to assess his or her own legal position and decide whether sending this Objection Letter is in his or her own best legal interest.

To Download and Use the Objection Letter template, Follow the Instructions Below:


Review our FAQ Document

At UENL Stichting, it is very important to us that all members of our community that use this objection template are fully informed. We also recognize that many individuals in the community have reasonable questions about the letter and the process of objection. We have assembled a document of Frequently Asked Questions <button on left> specifically associated with this objection letter.

We kindly ask that you review and fully understand this document before your download and use template objection letter.

STEP 2: 


To submit an objection letter in regards to the 30% law change using the UENL Objection Template:

1. Download the Appropriate Template Objection Letter from our website <button on left>. You have two options: one if you have already received the notification letter from the Belastingdienst and one if you have not yet received the letter.

Please note, you will be required to review and approve the UENL Disclaimer as well as provide your name and email address before you can access the template. Your name and email address will be stored on a GDPR compliant server. You may contact UENL to have your personal information deleted at any time.

2. Print of a copy of your #30Rule letter with original end date; your letter from Belastingdienst that you recently received with the revised end date; your BSN number; your Passport, AND the full legal document that Stibbe prepared for UENL in the Fall.

3. Submit all materials to the address on the Objection Letter via registered mail.

The address for mailing is on your letter from the Belastingdienst: Postbus 2865, 6401 DJ HEERLEN

STEP 3: 

Stay Up-To-Date & SHARE

UENL regularly post updates as to our status, our efforts, and other related information via social media. We are hoping to reach individuals affected by the 30% law change through these outlets, but we would appreciate if you could help us share this information with those that may not be on social media or may otherwise be unaware of their right to object.

We rely on our Facebook Group (Our Community Page) for detailed updates and our Facebook Page (Our Stichting Page) for more general information. In addition, we rely on our Twitter account to connect with our community and with Members of Parliament. We also post relevant updates right under the UPDATES section of our website and we continuously update our FAQ page.

We hope that you can share one or more of these outlets with the individuals affected in your life, and as always, encourage affected individuals to Contact Us should they have any questions