SEnior Software designer

My name is Petra. I am a Swedish and American citizen. I currently work as a Senior Designer for a USA software company, based in Hoofddorp. After many months of research and with much scrutiny, I made the decision to move to the Netherlands in December 2017 (I had the option of moving to any country in Europe). Both me, and my company went to great length, both financially and with other resources, in relocating me from San Francisco Bay Area/USA to Amsterdam. The decision was based on an 8 year, 30% ruling taxation policy the Dutch government had in place.

As you may well understand, It is incredibly expensive to both move and have residency in the Netherlands. My financial/life plan is completely contingent upon the 30% ruling. A shift in this taxation policy would dramatically affect my life. I was planning to live here indefinitely, as I love the Dutch society and mentality. My plan has included a recent purchase of an apartment in Amsterdam. I simply can’t afford to loose/lower the ruling. If the government applies the proposed change, it will no longer be financially feasible for me to continue to live here. My current salary will be substantially cut without providing me sufficient time to prepare for it.

I just don’t understand how any government authority can apply a law retroactively.

New rules should only impact new applicants. I feel incredibly deceived by the Dutch government, and very nervous about my future. I ask you to please honor your commitment to the 8 year taxation term. Not only will the change greatly affect me, but it could potentially damage my professional life as my company would be affected as well should I need to move out of the country. 

Hopefully Yours,

Petra Mårtensson