International School Teacher 


This week I received a ‘blue letter’ informing me of the proposal to end the 30% ruling in January 2019 (six months time). I would like to share with you the very real predicament I am currently facing.

I have been here in the Netherlands for 6 years working as a teacher at an international school (30% of the children I teach are Dutch nationals), I am the sole earner in my household. I have a mortgage of €280,000. My three children receive their schooling at the international school in which I work.

When the 30% ruling ends their schooling becomes a taxable benefit. I will not be able to afford this and my mortgage repayments.

Although I agree with the scrapping of the 30% ruling in principle I am facing the very real prospect of either defaulting on my mortgage or removing my children from their school due to the very short notice period I have been given. I will then need to find new employment outside of the Netherlands and sell my house in the next academic year in order to start the new job elsewhere in September 2019.

I do not believe this a fair predicament to have placed my family in at such short notice. The proposal also appears to undermine the very real need to expand the number of international school places here in the Netherlands (I have read this is in the region of 100,000 places).

Finally, as a teacher I am not here to make money. My family love living here and we are very at home (my youngest son was born here - see photo above). The proposal will end our stay overnight.