Software engineer from colombia


I'm Alejandro, and I work as a Software engineer. I moved from Colombia 2,5 years ago and loving the country so far. I feel deep respect for the Dutch culture, and I have made my best effort to integrate into the culture. Given how well things going for me, and the benefit of the 30% ruling, I decided that it was time to buy an apartment. I took a mortgage for an amount that I felt comfortable ONLY because of the 30% ruling. My mortgage application was accepted, and then 2 weeks later, I found out the news about the 30% ruling being reduced without transitioning period.

To make matters worse, I took a "lineaire hypotheek" because thanks to the 30% ruling I have more available income now that when it ends in 5.5 years. Now with this change, my situation is different, those 3 years will have a significant impact on my financial situation. Would I have I known the Dutch government was about to change the rules this way, I'd have gone for a different mortgage scheme. Now I don't think I can trust the government. If they approve the change this way, what is stopping them to completely shut down the 30% ruling next year? Absolutely nothing, no matter the argument.

I know that for me, losing the 30% doesn't mean I can't afford to live, but it does change my financial planning in a way that is unfair and unexpected. I planned my financial life around this given the promise of the Dutch government. The economy is doing better than ever, how come we, those who bring economic growth and innovation, get punished?