We are a family of 4 - husband, wife and lovely twins - 8 years. Our twins are more dutch as they spend 6 out of 8 years in NL. We love Nederlands and learned several things. One of the things which I learned here is running. I started  running here only in Nederlands and slowly/gradually I picked the tempo and did hardlopen and recently run my 5th halve marathon here.

Essentially Dutch culture & way-of living is now part of our life. The honesty, integrity, reliability and more so pragmatic way of doing things is what I learned. One of the key financial aspect was 30% ruling which helped for my kids education, setup expenses (housing, furniture, belonging....) and recently played a big big role for the house purchasing decision. Yes, we factor our 8 years term of 30% ruling into our housing buying decision. 

This was going perfect, until we are hit by 30% ruling bill in particular retrospective which pulled down our plans.  In particular, we factored 2 years of 30% ruling; so that we manage the first few years of mortgage. we committed based on the commitment by Belasting Dienst for 8 years of the tax ruling.

It could be a revenue receipt decision for the government. For us, it is jeopardizing our financial plans, livelihood and our peace of mind. we request to listen to us - the minority; more-so keep up your promises which we trusted. In particular the promised we trust when we moved in the year 2013 together. Dont break your promise for us, for expats and show to the world that Dutch promises are to be kept. Afspraak is Afspraak!!