I'm so disappointed in the Dutch government. By reducing the 30% ruling from 8 to 5 years, with no transitionary period, I will lose over €25,000 that I had expected to earn over the next 3 years. I was hired by a Dutch company from Canada and moved my whole life here in 2014. I packed up 2 kids, 2 cats, and came with my now ex-husband with 6 large bags with our whole life, for a job and plan to start a new European life. I negotiated my salary with the company based on the 30% ruling, anticipating that my partner would stay home with our young children. We sold our house in Canada. We bought a house here and structured our mortgage, so the tax advantage would increase over time in anticipation of my 30% ruling going away in 2022. I am now divorced, my ex-husband has moved out of the country and does not support our children and I am left getting by ok, carrying a house and raising kids on my salary. Taking away this ruling from me 3 years early, is crippling my life here. I have enrolled my children in Dutch schools and I never imagined we would leave, but now I have to question if this will be the right place to continue my career and raise my kids. The instability of a government that would do something like this to a minority group is appalling to me. I agree that the government has a right to change laws for upcoming years, but I do not agree that there is any equality in taking 3 years away from those who have structured their life around this promise. How is it any different than years ago when it was reduced from 10 to 8 years, with transition period! Do not renege on your deal - keep expat talent in the Netherlands.