UENL Stichting Hires Stibbe N.V. for Legal Services

On Tuesday 18 September, the government announced that it plans to decrease the duration of the 30% tax rule for highly-skilled international employees to 5 years and that this policy will not include a transition period for current recipients. UENL Stichting sees this as an ill-planned, harsh, and unfair policy that will dramatically affect the lives of thousands of expats and their families. These current recipients are suddenly faced with a significant salary decrease and the very real fear that comes with being unable to meet their financial obligations. Not only is it grossly unfair to change the rules of the game while it’s still being played, a law that lacks standard transitional measures may violate Dutch and European law. UENL has hired the law firm Stibbe N.V. to draft a legal document to investigate whether the Government can legally implement the proposed change.

An Award-Winning Law firm, A Strong Community of Support

Stibbe N.V. (‘Stibbe Amsterdam’) is part of an international network of offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai, London, Luxembourg, and New York. Stibbe N.V. has a history of fighting complex legal battles against the government.

As UENL spokeswoman Jessica Taylor Piotrowski notes “Stibbe N.V. has an impressive dossier with numerous examples of their commitment to causes similar to ours. We are confident that Stibbe Amsterdam will produce a rigorous and robust legal document for use during the upcoming Parliamentary debates. This would not be possible without the support of our UENL community who, together, raised sufficient funds to commission this work. We look forward to working with Stibbe N.V. in the weeks to come.”