DATE: 04 June 2018

ACTION FOR YOU: Read Our Update and Next Steps

As Political Outreach Chair of UENL, I have been working on the political side to ensure that our message was heard by all of the political parties. And, on May 29th (petition turnover day), I am happy to say that one of our first tangible results unfolded.

As you might have seen in the video that Mike posted from that day, UENL was given the opportunity to raise our concerns and explain to the Finance Committee our concerns with the proposed law. Jessica delivered a statement on our behalf, and turned over our signed petition. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to connect directly with a select number of important MPs (Members of Parliament) and illustrate the significant, severe, and sudden implications of this proposal. Across all Parties, MPs shown openness and a welcoming attitude towards myself and the Council Members.

Following this, on May 31st, the MPs included the “30% ruling change” on the agenda of the Finance Committee meeting. During the meeting, the MPs assembled a list of questions (directed to the State Secretary) as it relates to the 30% rule. While our original goal was modest – we simply hoped that some questions would be raised to give voice to our concerns – we learned that we far exceeded this goal. This weekend, we had the opportunity to review the compiled questions. In short, the questions are robust and extensive. Across nearly 13 pages of questions, we see fairness and critical thinking from the MPs. MPs asked, for example, for more clarity on the proposed law changes and raised numerous questions with regards to the impact on existing cases (e.g., what is the impact on families who have children attending international schools; how will this impact the business climate; how will this impact individuals who have taken investment decisions based on the ‘promised’ term).

All signs indicate that the political parties have taken this issue seriously and included this issue on their agenda. This is an important milestone in our ongoing efforts, and one that would not have happened without contributions from many. Effective corporate engagement, delicate communication, impactful marketing, powerful social media, and peaceful activism – Engelbert FelberthannJessica Taylor PiotrowskiMike AWAshley Vinson, and Pavithra Selvam – alongside our trusted and instrumental internal advisors helped make this happen – along with contributions from you, our community. Thank you.

While this milestone is important, this is far from the end. There are many steps ahead of us. Politics is a complex mix of culture, history, and personal beliefs that require time and trust. We respect the legislative power of the government and understand that laws can be changed for the future. We continue to trust that the government will honour its promises and respect the existing term limits of current recipients of the 30% rule.

In the coming weeks, we expect the government will provide answers to the MPs questions. We will share them as they are known. Rest assured that our diplomatic efforts with Government and Political Parties will continue. Council Members will do everything possible to respectfully represent every UENL supporter and to convince the Government to keep their promise.

- Massimiliano Barone