UENL - Year in Review, Next Steps

19 December

Dear all,

As we expected, the Eerste Kamer has voted to approve the Belastingplan2019. This means that the term limit to the #30Rule will be reduced to 5 years, but thanks to the efforts of many - including this community - there will be a transition period for many (not all) #30Rule recipients.

The new law will go into effect on 1 January 2019. For current #30Rule users, the enforcement of the 5 years will begin on 1 January 2021. This means that (1) current users with an original end date in 2019/2020 will see their term limit respected, (2) current users who exceed 5 years of use by January 2021 will see their #30Rule end on 31 December 2020, and (3) current users who have NOT exceeded the 5 years of use by January 2021 will see their term limit end once 5 years is reached.

Of course, our goal all along has been #aDEALisaDEAL for everyone. While this vote means that we did not get everything we hoped for, we did achieve so much together. Just look at some of our milestones:

  • We created and launched a powerful video that went viral (should out to Mike here for this talent, skills, and vision).

  • We delivered a petition to the Finance Committee that now has over 40,000 signatures along with a vibrant demonstration AND delivered a statement to the entire committee (shout out to Pavi for her demonstration skillz and our advisors for making sure we did this the right way). 

  • We corralled public support from organizations and unions (shout out to Engelbert here).

  • We received extensive national and international press attention.

  • We formed an official Stichting. 

  • We launched Project Real Stories (shout out to Ash and Mike here).

  • We raised more than 50000 euro to fund two persuasive legal documents (shout out to ALL OF YOU and to Massi and Mike for their careful attention to the legal steps).

  • We motivated numerous proposed amendments in the Tweede Kamer and had questions raised by members of Parliament throughout the debate season (kudos to our advisors who helped us learn what to do and how to do it!)

  • We blasted the Eerste Kamer with over 2000 emails in just 3 short days (shout out to ALL OF YOU!)

  • And the list goes on and on …

Ultimately, we raised attention to our efforts in a diplomatic and meaningful way, and thanks in part to these efforts (alongside corporate lobbying regarding the dividend tax), we ultimately received a transition period for many users of the #30Rule. Did we achieve everything we wanted? No. Not yet. But we achieved so much. We showed the power that raising our voices can have. We showed the power of taking a stand for something we believe in. This matters, and it is something I am truly thankful for.

I am also truly thankful for the UENL board who, without even meaning to, has become like family. Somehow, despite full time jobs and families and real life, we found a way to come together, fight together, and support one another. Through pizza nights and gin-and-tonics, through German beers and too much pepernoten, we debated and discussed every decision and have spoken nearly every day since April. It has required sacrificing time with families, late hours, long days – and despite it all – this board has kept going. It continues to be an honor to work with them. No matter how hard the journey has been (and it’s had some seriously challenging moments), this group has found a way to persevere. I feel privileged to work with this board, and equally privileged to have the support of this community.

I know that many of you want to know what comes next (especially in terms of legal action). This is an important and fair question. But first – I need my team to have a break. I want them to have a brilliant holiday season with their family and friends. They deserve it. And I want the same for all of you. Whatever you may do, however you may celebrate, I hope it brings you peace and joy. Come 2019, we will be back at it with plenty of updates.

But until then, I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

On behalf of the UENL board,
Jessica Piotrowski