Council Meeting Update

DATE: 8 September 
TOPIC: IMPORTANT Council Meeting Update

Over the next 10 days, as a Council, we will continue our efforts to encourage the government to include transitional regulation for the 30Rule in the 2019 budget. However, if we are not successful, we need a plan. This was a big point of conversation with the Council, and we finalized our steps at our meeting. This leads us to 2 important announcements:

As a Council, we have agreed that - if there is no transitional measures - we would like to commission a legal opinion that we can use in the months ahead, particularly for the Eerste Kamer (who will have to approve budget). We will be announcing a GoFundMe page soon so that, together, we can fund this legal opinion. We have already spoken with potential law firms, drafted an RFP for services, and are awaiting formal quotes. All of this is to ensure that IF the budget announcement does not go our way, we have a ready-to-go action plan that can help us facilitate our next steps with the Eerste Kamer.

In addition (yes, there’s more), in preparation for this legal opinion - and in thinking ahead about UENL’s future - we are proud to announce we are now officially the UENL Stichting. This means we have also opened a business account for all of our financial holdings and are are finalizing our formal bylaws. In the coming weeks, our web content and other public spaces will be updated to reflect this change. Transparency will continue to be at the heart of what we do. Forming a stichting required a good deal of paperwork, and certainly was not a speedy process, but we believe it is the right direction for the group.

Stay updated. Follow our website, Twitter, Facebook. We will announce the GoFundMe page soon (w details on the legal opinion) and will continue to update members on any possible action points. You can always email me directly as well ( I respond to every message I receive.

Also, while I know that we are hearing rumors that there will be no transitional measures, there is still a lot of changes occurring in the budget. We will not know anything for certain until 18 September. And if things do not go our way, I hope you take some comfort in knowing Plan B will be ready to go.

On behalf of your UENL *Stichting*, thank you for your continued support in our efforts. This is about all of us