TOPIC: UENL Update & Press Higlights

DATE: 31 May 2018

ACTION FOR YOU: Read Our LONG Update & Read the Press!


Dear all, 
In what seems like a lifetime ago – but was really only a few short weeks – we have truly built something special here. And on Tuesday (29 May), we saw our efforts converge at the Tweede Kamer where we had the opportunity to turn over our petition (30,000 signatures!) for consideration. We were joined by support from the VNO, VCP, VSNU, Eindhoven/Brainport, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Dutch-German Chamber of Commerce … and about 50 of you who joined us for a rally. To learn more, you can read this article that was posted in Dutch Review today:

Also, as you might have seen from the posted video, I delivered a statement – on all of your behalves – to reflect our position and, in particular, the personal effects of this proposal. If you saw the video, you know it was a powerful moment. The response was receptive and kind, and the questions after indicated an interest in better understanding our situation. I was proud to represent you and thank you for the trust you are putting in myself and my fellow council members.

But, I can imagine for many of you, you are asking: “okay, what now?”

Today: members of the Finance Committee are meeting to discuss this and other policies. We are waiting to hear what questions the Committee will pose, but in general, we hope that questions about this proposal are asked. We should know more in the coming days. In the meantime, you can learn more about this by process and our role in it in today’s Dutch News article (diff than article above):…/fnv-trade-union-backs-30-ruling…/

Looking ahead: we will continue to meet with members of relevant political parties to discuss our perspective and provide context as they evaluate the proposal. We will also continue many of our ongoing conversations with companies as they look to identify what role, if any, they might play in this process. Much of this work is quieter in nature – less publicly seen, certainly less likely to be in the press limelight – but rest assured we are still working and will continue to update you via our website and this platform. We also have a new Twitter account ( so be sure to follow along! There are also several other things in the works as well, so there is definitely more to come.

For now, thank you for the support. And, on a personal note, I want to thank all of you that reached out to acknowledge my statement on Tuesday. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the amazing council that I am part of. All of this is a team effort. From Ashley and Engelbert helping with my statement, to Massi organizing our political outreach, to Pavi and Mike rocking the organization of our rally - Tuesday was an exemplar of this incredible team.

With best wishes on behalf of your Council Members,

- Jessica Piotrowski