TOPIC: VCP Announces Support

DATE: 18 May

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DETAILS: As you know, behind-the-scenes, we on the council are working to discuss our concerns with as many people as will listen. Thanks to so many of you, we have made numerous connections with unions, for-profit and non-profit companies, lobbyists and more. This involves numerous conversations, considerations, and an agreement with parties for confidentiality until they can make decisions that they feel are best for them.

Today, some of the first results of this work have been announced publicly. Specifically, the De Vakcentrale voor Professionals (VCP) has just released a Press Release in which they call for transitional regulation for current recipients of the 30% ruling. In their press release, they note that the policy generally works well, that it generates money for the Dutch economy, and clearly note the value that highly skilled expats bring to the Netherlands. The VCP also argues that the policy, as it stands now, will give the wrong signal for future expats interested in moving to the Netherlands

In today’s De Telegraaf, you can learn more about this support as well as read about the potential legal ramifications of the policy as it is currently proposed. You can view the press release here