Revised 2019 Belastingplan Released

The revised 2019 Belastingplan has been released. The proposal, as written now, confirms our earlier expectations. Less than half of all #30Rule recipients are proposed to receive transition.

According to the proposal: #30Rule recipients whose term began in 2016 or later will not receive a transition period (and thus will lose three years of their promised term). Individuals whose start date began before 2016 will maintain their #30Rule until a maximum of 31 December 2020.

UENL is currently working with our legal advisors and legal firms to understand the legal ramifications of this proposal and potential next steps. Parliamentary debates will begin on 5 November, providing us an opportunity to convince Parliament to amend the proposal so that term limits are respected for all current recipients of the #30Rule.

We recommend that affected individuals speak with their own tax advisors or with the Belastingdienst to understand their personal situations.