“De geschiedenis herhaalt zich” - If it happened once, it can happen again

Both experts and expats agree that, by breaking the current promise that the Dutch government has made with current recipients of the 30% rule, there will be severe and lasting consequences at both an economic and individual level.

The Personal Impact

While the economic trickle-down effect is perhaps the more concerning impact for the financial health and welfare of the Netherlands, the direct impact that this decision would have on the lives of so many current expats and their families should not go unnoticed.

Current recipients of the 30% tax ruling have taken financial liabilities based on their expected salary for years to come. This includes buying property (mortgages), school fees, loans to afford house renovation, pension contributions in their home country, starting or growing their families, turning down alternative employment offers, and more. Suddenly, these recipients are faced with the very real threat of a significant salary decrease – and along with this - the very real fear that comes with not being able to meet their financial obligations. People have made decisions for their lives, and their family’s lives, based on a Dutch government promise.  It is grossly unfair to change the rules of the game while its still being played. Afspraak is afspraak.

To unnecessarily imperil people financially,
people who made significant life and financial decisions based upon a promise made by a first-world government, is unethical.